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Automated Digital Solution for Testing on the go


Everything in one comprehensive solution…

Supports testing for COVID-19


Assisted care automation and crowd-sourced telehealth provider services enable efficient provisioning and delivery of virtual care


Electronic health record interface with most EHRs and commercial lab information systems enables bi-directional access to patient record data

Integrated testing capabilities, including with home collection kits, commercial lab integrations, and remote point of care LFA rapid test options

How it works


Modular turn-key solution ready to automate COVID tracking, testing, and feedback


Select tests from a menu item list available to satisfy daily, weekly, and custom testing


Integration via FHIR based APIs for lab results, EMR synchronization, secure messaging, and other downstream services

turnkey Solution

Everything in one end-to-end solution

Purposefully built platform for digital care delivery


Self reporting symptom checker with configurable adherence reminders


Configurable automated testing protocols and test scheduling

safe health PASSPORT

Digital passport provides freedom with safety and privacy-protecting health status verification


Identity access verification with privacy preserving technology


Secure and irrefutable blockchain with encryption for tamper proof security protecting patient PHI


HIPAA, HITRUST, and GDPR compliant

Digital Passport anchored to verified testing records

  • Ensures privacy-protected health status verification and access control.
  • Accompanying passport scanner
HealthCheck Digital Passport
Healthcheck Virtual Consultation
HealthCheck Testing Options

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Join our team as a Health Provider and connect with patients virtually, and on your schedule. It’s an easy and safe way to service patients and make some money.

Recent news


Epic, Cerner, and other Health IT Heavy-hitters Join Forces for Vaccine Credential Initiative

The new coalition, which also includes Carin Alliance, Mayo Clinic, Microsoft and Salesforce, is using FHIR standards to enable more secure, interoperable access to digital vaccination records.

Microsoft, Epic, Mayo Clinic join effort to accelerate digital COVID-19 vaccine records

Big names in tech and healthcare including the Mayo Clinic, Cigna's Evernorth and Microsoft are teaming up to create a digital COVID-19 vaccination passport.

At-home COVID testing arrives

The race is on. Tech startups across the globe are competing to deliver to the rest of us what Google employees already enjoy: regular at-home COVID tests.

Broad Coalition of Health and Technology Industry Leaders announce Vaccination Credential Initiative

The Vaccination Credential Initiative (VCI) is working to enable individuals vaccinated for COVID-19 to access their vaccination records in a secure, verifiable, and privacy-preserving way.

Can you get a COVID test at home?

Some two dozen companies are working on tests that let you sample and process results at home, including some that connect to your smartphone. But widespread use is still likely months away.

E&I Awards SAFE Health Systems, Inc. with contract to offer COVID-19 and STD digital testing

DALLAS, Texas, Dec. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- E&I Cooperative Services (E&I), the only member-owned, non-profit cooperative focused exclusively on higher education, today announced it has awarded a contract to Safe Health Systems, Inc. (SAFE) to make the SAFE HealthCheck app quickly available with preferred pricing to its member institutions across the United States. Safe Health Systems (SAFE), operator of the SAFE Digital Healthcare Platform, partnered with Hedera Hashgraph, the enterprise grade distributed ledger, to create the SAFE HealthCheck app for COVID-19 testing, STD, and other low-acuity testing and health status verification.

Dr. Michael Crow explains how ASU is handling the coronavirus with the HealthCheck app

Dr. Michael Crow explains how ASU is handling the coronavirus better than the general public and reminds people of their testing resources.

Dr. Halamka elected to National Academy of Medicine

ROCHESTER, Minn. — John Halamka, M.D., president, Mayo Clinic Platform, has been elected to the National Academy of Medicine (NAM).

Mayo Clinic & SAFE Health Systems, Inc. launch New Diagnostics Platform

A new Mayo Clinic partnership is making it much easier for common medical conditions to be diagnosed virtually while also making treatment more affordable.

SAFE Health Systems builds Digital Health ID system on Hedera Hashgraph to enable home COVID-19 testing on your mobile phone

Los Angeles, CA and Dallas, TX — 12 October 2020 — SAFE Health Systems (SAFE), operator of the SAFE Digital Healthcare Platform, has partnered with Hedera Hashgraph, the enterprise grade distributed ledger, to build unique digital health IDs for users of the HealthCheck™ COVID-19 testing and health status verification solution built on the SAFE Platform.

Mayo Clinic and SAFE Health Systems launch new health and connected diagnostics platform

Newswise — ROCHESTER, Minn. — Mayo Clinic and SAFE Health Group, Inc. announced the formation of SAFE Health Systems, Inc., a venture focused on reducing the cost of low-complexity care and commodity diagnostics at a mass scale.

Mayo Clinic, startup launch 'health passport' app with initial focus on COVID-19

Mayo Clinic has teamed up with a health technology company to launch a new digital service focused on reducing the high cost of testing and care for COVID-19, sexually transmitted diseases and other common medical conditions.

Welltok adds two COVID-19 testing and screening companies to connect partner ecosystem

DENVER – September 15, 2020 – Companies nationwide are challenged with ensuring safe and healthy work environments for their people as the pandemic persists.


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Ken Mayer

Founder and CEO
Creative entrepreneur at the intersection of healthcare, media and tech.

Anita Greggs Perez

Chief Commercial Officer
Expert in launching medical device, diagnostic and digital health products across multiple channels. In 2018, she was recruited to present her essay on “Bringing New Products to Market."

Kelly Chu

Chief Product Officer
Leading app designer who has piloted the technology teams at companies like Science 37, ISBX, ScaleLA and Sierra labs.

Dimy Jeannot

Chief Information Officer

Les Funtleyder

Chief Financial Officer
Former portfolio manager at Provident Advisors and Miller Tabak, senior Analyst at UBS Warburg; Author of wrote Healthcare Investing: Profiting from the New World of Pharma, Biotech and Health Care Services.

Beau Garrett

Vice President of Infrastructure
Leader in transformative initiatives, specialized at implementing operational and systems strategies to support growth at scale.

Jeremiah Jacquet

Architect, Mobile Lead
Highly skilled mobile, launching, and automation engineer, with experience in designing enterprise scale infrastructure in the space of ad-tech, social media, iOT and gig economies.

Bojan Mise

Chief Architect
Highly regarded software engineer with experience designing large scale enterprise systems for Accenture, Allergan, Boeing, Capgemini, Dreamworks, GETCO/KCG, eHarmony, Intel, FOX, Microsoft, MySpace, and Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Widad Atto

Vice President of Finance
With over 12 years of corporate finance and management experience, GAAP policies and procedures, and annual budgets..

Dmitry Shats

Head of Product
Dynamic and result-driven Product Management Executive with over 20 years of experience in information technology within a variety of industries.

Kriti Goel

Development Manager
With over 9 years of experience in engineering and developing applications for enterprises, Kriti leads our development team.

Craig Duffy

Senior Project Manager
Digital marketing manager and producer of digital initiatives for: most major Film Studios, Kawasaki, Lexus, Anhueser Busch and Sam Adams.

Kerri Wright

Vice President of Customer Success
Customer success professional with over 20 years of experience and training in Healthcare, Private Health Management, and Client Services.

Michelle Joseph

Director of Strategic Partnerships and Development
Business professional focused on unique opportunities in healthcare. 30 years experience in Diagnostics, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Device sales, Education and Hospitality Training.

Bill Habermaas

Chief Engineer
Seasoned professional in all phases of software engineering: from product development to operations and recently Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Co-founder of Computer Associates International and former SVP of Research.

Jade Moreno

Executive Assistant to the CEO
Jade is a project wizard who is leveraging her literature background and years of experience in commercial real estate to maximize operations strategies, best practices, and methodologies at SAFE Health.

Justin D. Pearlman MD PhD

Medical Director
Dr. Pearlman is a board certified Cardiologist and Internist, Vice-Chair of Medicine at UCLA, BioEngineer Team Leader, expert in telemedicine and non-invasive imaging including MRI, nuclear, ultrasound, PET, CT, who also has expertise in mathematics.

Ashley Williams

Sales and Operations Manager
Health care provider with 10+ years experience in various clinical settings. Passionate about using clinical expertise and sales and marketing experience to commercialize digital health platforms and diagnostic solutions.

Erin Wiese

Office Administrator
Erin is a photographer extraordinaire who also has a knack for office administration and people operations. She is organized, diligent, and loves fine-tuning the details!


John Halamka, M.D.

Board of Directors
President of Mayo Clinic Platform; Executive director of the Health Technology Exploration Center for Beth Israel Lahey Health in Massachusett; International Healthcare Innovation Professor at Harvard Medical School.

Harry Schwefel

Board of Directors
Veteran money manager and chief investment officer with Steve Cohen at Point72 with $12 billion in assets under management.

Thomas E. Grys, PH.D.

Board of Directors
Site Director for Microbiome Program in Arizona; Consultant; Associate Professor

Samuel Sia, PhD

Board of Directors
Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Columbia University , scientist focused on point-of-care diagnostics and microfluidics testing; MIT Technology Review named Dr. Sia one of the world’s top innovators.

Mike Harris

Board of Directors
Mike Harris joined Mayo Clinic in 2017. His role is focused on creating strategic value and revenue through equity, partnerships, and M&A activities. Mike has over 20 years experience in venture capital, M&A, operations, and technology.

Steve Lester, M.D.

Board of Directors
Associate Medical Director of the Department of Business Development at Mayo Clinic

Jim Nasr

Company Advisor
Former Chief Architect of the CDC who created the Open CDC platform. He is considered one of the world’s leading health information systems architects

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Our mission is to increase accessibility and reduce the cost of low acuity care at population scale.

We are inspired to create tools that help people to play a more active role in their personal healthcare and empower the private sector and world governments with technology that makes healthcare more accessible and reduces the cost of routine care at population scale.


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